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Birthright AFRICA is creating the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs that are proud of their African heritage, confident in their innovative aspirations and connected to the African continent. 

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life changing experience     

Over the past two years, Birthright AFRICA has been committed to providing a free educational trip to Africa for every youth and young adult of African descent in the United States. Formed in 2015, by co-founders Walla Elsheikh and Diallo Shabazz, Birthright AFRICA is commemorating 2019 as the “Year of Return” in Ghana, marking the 400 year anniversary of the first ship of enslaved Africans arriving to Virginia in 1619. This year the organization will be sending 100 Scholars in collaboration with our partners. After exploration of cultural roots and legacy of innovation in the US, Birthright AFRICA Scholars will attend festivities celebrating their return to ancestral homelands, and meet with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in Accra to learn about business innovation on the continent.

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