The NEW YORKER MAGAZINE features "the creation of Birthright AFRICA"

When Ashley Johnson, an artist from Chicago, heard about Taglit-Birthright—the program offering trips to Israel for young Americans of Jewish descent—she wondered why a similar program didn’t exist for people of the African diaspora. She Googled “birthright” and “Africa,” and was pleased to learn that one did—at least in theory. In 2005, Walla Elsheikh, a former Goldman Sachs associate whose father had been a Sudanese diplomat, heard a friend rave about a Taglit trip. She registered a Web site with the name Birthright AFRICA.  She let the idea marinate, and nothing much happened, until she got a Facebook message from Johnson.  Read the full feature to learn more about the launch of Birthright AFRICA. 

         Birthright AFRICA 2017 Pilot Scholars in Ghana

         Birthright AFRICA 2017 Pilot Scholars in Ghana


Birthright AFRICA Wants to Connect Young Black People to Their Cultural Legacy With Trips to Africa

Birthright AFRICA is a program dedicated to helping black people outside of the continent reconnect with their African roots. The project, founded and helmed by Walla Elsheikh and Diallo Shabazz wants participants to have transformative, immersive experiences that connect young black people to their heritage and history. Last year, Birthright AFRICA helped send a group of college students on a pilot trip to Ghana, and the results are what Elsheikh describes as "life changing." Click here to read a transcript of the conversation our Founders had with Damola Durosomo of OkayAfrica. 



We are creating the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs proud of their African heritage, confident in pursuing their innovative aspirations with a continued connectivity to the African continent.